Nu Smile Aligners for Adults – New Jersey

Convenient Teeth Straightening for Grown-Ups

The metal brackets and wires of traditional braces are often associated with adolescence. It makes sense, then, that if you need to straighten your teeth as an adult, you would gravitate toward clear aligners instead. But there are dozens of clear aligner treatments on the market — how can you decide which one is right for you? We’re confident that after you learn about Nu Smile Aligners, your choice will be an easy one. Let’s talk about how the Nu Smile system works and why so many people favor it over big-name brands.

How Do Nu Smile Aligners Work?

Woman holding Nu Smile Aligners for Adults in New Jersey

The Nu Smile system uses a series of custom-made clear aligners to gradually straighten crooked teeth over time. You’ll have to wear each aligner for at least 20 hours each day for it to be effective, and you should visit us periodically for checkups so we can monitor your progress. These checkups are usually very brief, and we have several convenient locations throughout New Jersey and even one in Staten Island. Depending on where you work, you might even be able to stop in during your lunchbreak for your routine Nu Smile checkups!

How Is Nu Smile Different from Other Brands?

Two Nu Smile Aligners sitting on reflective surface

Nu Smile Aligners stand out from competitors in several important ways:

  • Treatment with Nu Smile costs just $2,500 for start to finish care. That makes it more affordable than Invisalign. It is even more budget-friendly than many DIY clear braces, including SmileDirectClub and Byte.
  • Despite its low price, Nu Smile never skimps on quality. The aligners are constructed out of biocompatible polyurethane resin. They are thin, comfortable, and discreet.
  • The aligners are 3D-printed right here in New Jersey. This cuts down on shipping time and costs.
  • Personalized care. Because the Nu Smile system is 100% local, you can expect us to take extra pride in all the work we do for you. This is true whether we are evaluating your candidacy for treatment, designing your aligners, or helping you deal with questions and concerns that may come up during your treatment.

Why Is Nu Smile Perfect for Adults?

Happy middle-aged woman pointing at her clear aligner

Our adult patients love Nu Smile Aligners for several reasons:

  • Outstanding results. The technology involved in Nu Smile treatment planning contributes to precise and efficient tooth movements.
  • The aligners are thin enough and clear enough that they don’t call a lot of attention to themselves. You can give that boardroom presentation with confidence!
  • No dietary restrictions. Whether you are navigating the dating scene or enjoying a seasonal feast with extended family, Nu Smile lets you eat anything. All you have to do is remove your aligners during meals.
  • Flexible payment options. You can pay upfront for Nu Smile, but you also have the option of paying just $110/month. Since the cost of living in our area is so high, having the ability to pay over time is invaluable for many patients!

Would you like to learn more about the Nu Smile Aligner system? Dr. G and our team are ready to speak with you! Call us today or use our online form to schedule a consultation.

Nu Smile Aligners for Adults FAQs

Does Nu Smile Aligners Hurt?

While Nu Smile Aligner treatment won’t be painful, it’s normal to experience some soreness and discomfort whenever your teeth begin to shift into their proper positions. The good news is that this adjustment period should only last a few days after starting your treatment plan or switching to a new set of aligners. Otherwise, the dental plastic material is designed to be smooth, making it one of the most comfortable orthodontic processes available. To help alleviate any discomfort or soreness during your treatment, make sure to take over-the-counter pain medication as necessary. Use a cold compress or drink cold water to also help numb your mouth while getting accustomed to your aligners.

How Long Does Nu Smile Aligners Treatment Take?

The length of your clear aligner treatment will depend on various factors, including your commitment to your orthodontic process as well as the severity of your misalignment issues. Generally speaking, this orthodontic method should take around 12 to 18 months to completely straighten your smile. For patients with mild misalignment problems, the clear aligner treatment can sometimes take about 6 months to finish. Even if it takes 18 months to complete your orthodontic process, it will still be 4 months shorter than the typical timeline with traditional metal braces. By staying on track with your treatment plan and visiting your dentist for follow-up appointments, you’ll be sure to straighten your smile as efficiently as possible.

What Does Nu Smile Aligners Treatment Look Like?

Once you start your Nu Smile Aligners treatment, you’ll find that the clear plastic material is incredibly difficult to see while you’re wearing them. In fact, most people will not even notice that you have your clear trays on unless you tell them! You’ll typically switch to new sets of aligners after a couple of weeks or so. In the meantime, you’ll want to properly maintain them so that they stay clean, fresh, and discreet while you have them. Since your aligners will be virtually invisible, you can feel free to show off your smile throughout your treatment process. Some patients might require buttons, attachments, or elastics to help straighten their teeth, which can end up being more visible than the aligners themselves.

What Happens After Nu Smile Aligners?

After you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment, you’ll visit your dentist so they can confirm your results. Our team will verify that your bite is correct and that your pearly whites are in their ideal positions before providing instructions on how to maintain your new smile moving forward. You’ll be given retainers that are similar to your aligners but will only be designed to keep your teeth in place. First, you’ll likely need to wear your retainers all day every day just like your clear trays before gradually decreasing the time to only wearing them overnight.