Why New Smile Is Better than Traditional Orthodontics

September 6, 2021

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Confident woman holding one of her Nu Smile Aligners

If you want to straighten your teeth, you have no shortage of treatment options. You could choose traditional metal braces, or you could lean toward clear aligners. If you are leaning toward clear aligners, there are many different brands you can choose from, including Invisalign, Byte, SmileDirectClub, and Nu Smile Aligners. How can you make the right decision? Let’s talk about why Nu Smile may be the perfect treatment for you.

Nu Smile Aligners vs. Metal Braces

Patients are all too eager to discuss the drawbacks of traditional metal braces. While braces are effective at treating most orthodontic problems, they are unattractive. The metal parts can irritate the soft tissues in the mouth, and they can make oral hygiene a challenge. Nu Smile Aligners, on the other hand:

  • Feature a discreet appearance — they are barely noticeable.
  • Are completely metal-free and designed to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Are removable, so it is easy to brush and floss your teeth.

Aren’t Metal Braces Cheaper?

If you have done some research on orthodontic treatments, you have probably come across some information saying that metal braces are one of the more affordable options. For the most part, that is true. They are usually cheaper than Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and other clear aligner systems that are provided by a dentist.

However, Nu Smile Aligners are different. They cost only $1,750 for start to finish treatment. In most cases, that makes them much more affordable than traditional braces. Plus, you are not sacrificing the personal attention of a qualified dentist and dental team.

How Effective Are Nu Smile Aligners?

Traditional braces are capable of correcting almost any type of orthodontic problem, even severe issues. Clear aligners may not be able to address all of the same conditions. They can address a wide range of problems, but generally best for mild to moderate misalignment. However, that doesn’t mean you should discount them as a treatment option for you. Some patients are able to start off with metal braces and transition to clear aligners later on.

Nu Smile vs. Other Clear Aligners

The foregoing information makes it easy to see that for many patients, clear aligners are a better option than traditional braces. But why would you choose Nu Smile when there are so many other clear aligner brands floating around out there? Not only do Nu Smile Aligners come with a lower price than their competitors, but they also:

  • Are made out of top-quality materials.
  • Are 3D-printed in New Jersey, which contributes to streamlined treatment and eliminates the need for you to cover high shipping costs.
  • Are more reliable than popular DIY clear aligner brands because they come with professional, personalized support.

Are you weighing your orthodontic treatment options? The Nu Smile system stands out as an affordable, effective, and convenient choice!

Meet the Man Behind Nu Smile

Dr. Admasu Gizachew created the Nu Smile system with the goal of providing patients a clear aligner option without Invisalign’s high prices or the risks inherent in DIY options. He offers Nu Smile at four convenient locations throughout New Jersey and New York. To learn more about him and his innovative clear aligner system, contact any of our offices or use our online form to schedule a consultation

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