What Causes Clear Aligners to Turn Yellow? What Can You Do About It?

August 14, 2023

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For most patients, one of their primary motivations for choosing clear aligners is their appearance. They do not want brackets and wires obstructing their smile. Clear aligners are almost invisible, making them ideal for image-conscious individuals. However, they can become discolored. What causes clear aligners to turn yellow, and what can you do about this issue? Continue reading to find out.

Why Do Clear Aligners Turn Yellow?

Your clear aligners may turn yellow if you make certain missteps in caring for them or your teeth. For example, if you drink anything other than plain water while you are wearing your aligners, they could quickly become discolored. Eating while wearing your aligners is another possible culprit behind yellowing.

Of course, even if you are diligent about removing your aligners for eating and drinking, they still might take on a yellow tinge. This could happen if you do not thoroughly rinse them at least a few times each day; when saliva dries, it has a yellowish appearance. Plus, if you do not clean your teeth after meals before placing your aligners back in your mouth, plaque and food debris might transfer to them and cause discoloration.

How to Prevent Yellowing

Here are some things you can do to reduce the chances that your clear aligners will turn yellow:

  • Do not smoke or use any tobacco products.
  • Give your aligners a thorough rinse before placing them in your mouth.
  • Do not soak your aligners in colored mouthwash. Instead, use an approved cleaning solution or regular denture cleanser.
  • Brush and floss your teeth after each meal, before you place your aligners back on your teeth. This is especially important if you were consuming any highly pigmented items, such as berries, coffee, or tea.
  • Place your aligners in a storage container whenever you are not wearing them (as opposed to wrapping them in a napkin or setting them out in the open).

Can Aligner Stains Be Reversed?

Depending on the severity of your aligner stains, it might be possible to renew their appearance. Try these techniques:

  • Soak your aligners for 20 minutes in a solution of lukewarm water and clear antibacterial soap.
  • Mix white vinegar and lukewarm water together (use a 1:3 ratio). Soak your aligners for 20 minutes.
  • Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with half a cup of water Make a paste, and soak your aligners for about 60 minutes.

Be sure to rinse your aligners thoroughly after using any of the above-mentioned methods.

Clear aligners should stay clear! Use the tips in this blog post to keep your smile looking great throughout your treatment.

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